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Pure, Simple, True

Silky, luxurious, natural lotions handmade by Shelby Phoenix, in her home just outside of Seattle.  Combining wonderful plant-based oils with mango and shea butters, blending essential oils to create unique and beautiful scents, has resulted in the silkiest, loveliest lotion in the entire universe!!!!!!  (well, that is the opinion of several users).

Other than the tiniest amount of potassium sorbate, which is a natural salt derivative, necessary to prevent bacterial and mold growth (which are not lovely...) these rich, yet light, lotions are Pure and Simple. To use them is to love them!

About Us 

"Imagine" was founded by Shelby Phoenix.

“Having been a lotion-lover, lotion-addict (some might go so far as calling me a lotionaholic) my entire adult life it should not have been a surprise when I awoke one morning last summer with the overwhelming desire to start making my own lotion! After doing some research I made my first batch, which wasn't very good, followed by a few more batches - each one better than the last. I eventually created what I, and my many "testers", consider the loveliest, silkiest, best ever lotion in the entire universe. We are amazed at the quick absorption and the richness of this product.

No one, even those with the most sensitive skin, has experienced any irritation at all.

Since I was having so much fun with the lotions I decided to try my hand at Salt Scrubs and again was amazed and thrilled with the quality of this product. I love the ability to create my own scents, which are all essential oils combined and then coming up with unique names for them.  I have recently added Peppermint Foot balm (and matching scrub), anti-aging Face Cream and some yummy Lip Balms to my line.  Who knows what will come next?

The other passion in my life is animals (mostly dogs) and I am lucky to live near the wonderful No-Kill shelter, Homeward Pets, in Woodinville, Wa. where I volunteer, helping with the fund-raising aspect of their organization.  Putting together beautiful baskets of my goodies to be raffled at their events, and sold at their auctions is very fulfilling for me.  I also pledge 10% of my profits to this amazing place..... so, enjoy "lotioning up" and helping the doggies and kitties at the same time...... what could be better?

Contact us today to learn more or to order by calling 425-478-4810.